The 1st banner that parked users for 12 hours.
Live on Periscope

  • Role Art Direction, Design
  • Date April 2016

Drivers spend about 12 hours a month parking. Or trying to park.
A fail situation people love to watch and judge. So that’s exactly what
we showed, right where the most finger-pointing happens: On social
networks – with the first live prank on Periscope.

For 12 hours, we live-streamed a couple’s battle with a mean parking space in a competitor’s car. The community couldn‘t stop watching and commenting – and deserved a happy ending: The Kadjar with Easy Park Assist quickly parked before everyone’s eyes – showing how Renault makes life easier.

We became the #1 trending video on Periscope:
with 35.000 viewers, comments in 20 languages and 140.000 hearts.
And Renault’s followers increased twenty-fold.


Executive Creative Director: Timm Weber
Creative Directors: Andre Bedekovic, Felipe Franco, Philipp Hentges
Account: Nicole Grupski, Bettina Laux
Art Director: Matt Thiesen, Axel Halasz, Mateusz Olichwer
Desinger: Fabian Franz