A fun guerilla product demonstration which created a new target group.
So we turned it into a new product.

Last year, St. Pauli became dangerous for public urinators.
Because we sprayed the most frequented walls with a superhydrophobic
coating – so water-repellent that urine splashes right back. A guerilla
product demonstration that didn‘t reach just our peeing target group.

We created a completely new one. Thousands who would have never asked for the industrial coating, suddenly wanted to buy it. Cities like Cologne,
London, Gold Coast and San Francisco continued the action.

The worldwide demand to pee back increased massively – and now we‘re giving the world what it needs: The handy Peeback Spray. Just order online, spray it on a wall and make the whole world a danger zone for public urinators.


Executive Creative Director: Timm Weber
Creative Directors: Felipe Franco, Philipp Hentges
Account: Nicole Grupski
Art Director: Axel Halasz
Director: DAVI.IN