The Burmester® 3D-Surround-Soundsystem
brings the driver even closer to the original.
How do we bring that closer to the target group?
With LP covers that take them for a ride through the world of each record.

  • Role Art Direction, Design
  • Date February 2015

The Burmester® High-End 3D-Surround-Soundsystem provides many Mercedes-Benz models with a realistic audio experience true to the original. This sound system was developed for absolute fans of music. Thus, we use a medium particularly popular with this target group: Vinyl is experiencing a comeback due to its “authentic” sound quality, and, within the last years, sales have increased to 500%.

At our record store promotion in major German cities, regular LPs were placed into special protective covers. The covers are partly transparent and suggest that you are driving through the album’s scenery with a Mercedes-Benz. This way, we surprise the target group in the middle of their passion – collecting music – and demonstrate how they, with the Burmester® 3D-Surround-Soundsystem, get evencloser to “their“ originals.


Executive Creative Director: Timm Weber
Creative Directors: Felipe Franco, Philipp Hentges
Account: Nicole Grupski
Art Director: Axel Halasz